Onam with the Krishnan's

Onam festival is celebrated to honour the kind-hearted and much-beloved demon King Mahabali, who is believed to return to Kerala during this festival.

Co-author, Shobi, shares with us how her family celebrates Onam and what it means to them, below.


Onam has always been one of my husband’s fondness memories from his hometown in Angamaly, Kerala. We only had a chance to celebrate it once back in India with this family and the build-up to Onam was very exciting. From collecting the flowers and leaves and then cutting them up, to creating pookalams (flower rangoli’s) for competitions, watching the food preparations start, and shopping for new outfits called onakoodi.

As my daughter started to get older, it became a lot more exciting for her dad to share his stories and memories with her, and later for us as a family to create our own.

A little background, we come from a mixed religious household. One of the main goals as a family was to celebrate everything equally big and equally important.

This year, with my daughter at an age where she can participate in the prepping and the planning, I really wanted to do some activities with her that would knit everything together – from the memories from her dad, the countdown like we do for Christmas, crafts, colours, and tons of flowers!


Shobi has created a simple Onam activity pack for her daughter and would love to share this with our #GSGReaders.

This set is for anyone who would love to know more about this Kerala celebration, a little about the Malayalee Community and for those who celebrate!

We do hope everyone enjoys the learning, the fun and the sharing of culture as much as she did preparing this.

Download the pack here and tag us on @goshantigobook on Instagram, if you use it!

Onam packet
Download PDF • 7.69MB

The pack was created by Shobi Pereira and is not for sale or distribution.

Happy Onam!